Flaxmere College Satellite (Te Puawai)

Our High School Satellite is located at Flaxmere College in a welcoming community environment. Younger students join the High School class before moving onto Kowhai TEC in the year they turn 18. In 2019 we have two High School classes and three TEC classes.

Our programme is characterised by formal programmes in English and Maths.

Participation in mainstream Flaxmere College includes:

  • Involvement in assemblies
  • Joining in whole school days, for example the annual Cross Country
  • One period a week timetabled from a mainstream teacher in Food Technology, Maori Performing Arts, Visual Art, or e-Learning.
  • Kapa Haka with a mainstream teacher

Our programme is focussed on developing independence and choice and incorporates:

  • Specialist input to meet student needs (Physiotherapist, Speech language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist and Music Therapist)
  • Focus on IEP goals developed by parents, specialist providers and teachers
  • A Careers programme
  • Participation in Kōwhai Special School’s current topic based on the Key Competencies
  • Programmes of swimming, gym and other Health and Physical Education activities
  • Te Reo, Pasifika, The Arts including music, and Food Technology are also included in the timetable
  • There is also participation in community outings, Kōwhai Special School events, Special Olympic events, and other opportunities in the community.


Kowhai Tec (Te Kāuru)

The Kowhai Tertiary Education Course (Kowhai Tec) is based at the Flaxmere College Satellite and caters for all students aged 18 – 21.

It aims to:

  • Teach the skills required to equip students 18+ for their future lives.
  • Give students 18+ choices and opportunities to develop their own interests and promote their own well-being.

Kowhai Tec has a future focus on accessing the community and teaches the New Zealand Curriculum’s Tertiary Competencies:

  • Thinking
  • Using tools interactively
  • Acting autonomously
  • Operating in social groups

Kowhai Tec provides a specialised Life Skills programme with home skills, health, transport, recreation, advocacy, and vocational components. Students also design and select a range of ‘options’. In 2015 the following options were offered:

  • Baking and BBQ cooking
  • Art and crafts – knitting, paper craft, construction, string art
  • Music and music therapy
  • Whakairo (carving)
  • Special Olympics and Games
  • Looking good
  • Audiobooks
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Maori and Pasifika Performing Arts

Kowhai Tec concurrently runs a sensory-based programme for our students with very high needs. This includes proven programmes such as Tac Pac, music therapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Other students study Supported Learning Standards towards the NZQA National Certificate in Work and Community Skills

Kowhai Tec students access the Kowhai specialists and therapists, and have 6 monthly Individual Transition Plans (ITP’s) with their whanau to identify priorities for their learning.

Kei te whakanui o matou akonga!