Central School(Te Akamatua)

The Central Satellite consists of two classes at Hastings Central School. They follow the daily timetable of the host school and the students wear the host school uniform and have access to all areas of the playgrounds. The classes participate in the host school productions, cross country running and fun activity days.

The two classes at Central School have programmes that reflect the needs of the students with intensive specialist input with individual or whole class physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and music therapy. Our programmes can include visits out into the community to learn valuable life skills.

Both classes promote confidence building and independence through activities such as dressing for swimming, climbing on the playground structures and bike riding on the school cycle track.

Throughout the day the students' programmes combine their individual IEP goals with the Curriculum and Key Competency requirements. The key focus - language development and communication, is woven into all the class activities. The interactive whiteboards and iPads are used to support the students in all areas of the curriculum.