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The Kōwhai Specialist Teacher Outreach Service (STOS) provides a specialist itinerant teaching service for .1 and .2 ORS funded students who are enrolled in mainstream schools in our area. The service is recognised by and reported to the Ministry of Education.

Our Aims:

To provide an excellent service to support ORS funded students and those supporting them, within local mainstream settings.

To support mainstream schools to build their ability to enable their students with special needs to have full access to the NZC and be confident and included learners.

 To align with the 'Success For All' plan to promote a fully inclusive education system.


Key elements of Kōwhai's Outreach Service:

  • Inclusive Practice

  • Support based on need

  • Access to and coverage of the NZC

  • Collaboration

  • Cultural Responsiveness

  • Evidence based



What we offer:

  • Assessing a student’s learning needs

  • Supporting with IEP planning and implementation

  • Planning and preparing individual programmes

  • Monitoring and evaluating progress and achievement

  • Assisting teachers to differentiate and adapt the curriculum for student’s needs

  • Creating and adapting learning resources and strategies for individual student’s needs

  • Supporting student's social, emotional and behavioural needs which may impact on learning
  • Modelling teaching strategies and practices

  • Teaching students on a one to one basis, with their class or in small group settings

  • Collaboration with families and other agencies working with the student to ensure consistency

How to access the service:

  1. Schools request the Specialist Teacher Outreach Service.

  2. They transfer their ORS staffing to Kōwhai Special School, this may be a .1 (High Needs) or .2 (Very High Needs).

  3. We employ the Specialist Teacher for the student.

  4. A Memorandum of Agreement between Kōwhai Special School and the school is signed. This outlines the roles and responsibilities for both schools.

  5. The Ministry have the agreement and a list of schools using the service.

For more information, please contact:






   Angie Dent, STOS Manager

      Margaret Bruce- Specialist Teacher

  Nicky Woodward - Specialist Teacher