Mitre Ten Tough Kid Challenge

On Wednesday the therapists took a small group of students to trial accessibility at the Tough Kids Event, held annually at the Hastings Sports Park. It's the first time that we have been invited to participate and provide feedback on how the event could work for our students. This event is traditionally aimed at mainstream school students and Kowhai physios have been collaborating with Sports Hawkes Bay to include students with different abilities. The students that did participate loved the event and they all finished it. All who attended found it a successful trial. The therapists have provided feedback as to how it can be tweaked to include all our students abilities including wheelchair access so next year we hope that all students who want to, can participate in this community event. 

Ella-Rose was asked what she liked about the Tough Kid Challenge she said "I felt happy.... I liked the slide and the tunnel and the big one and the crossing thing"
Another student Seth had this to say - "I enjoyed the tough kids challenge. It was very exciting... I liked it, all of it ...I liked the mud"
Here is a link to the article in the newspaper about the event: